Saturday, December 31, 2011

Listening through the noise (on Spotify)

I'm planning to use Joanna Demers' eminent book Listening Through the Noise - the Aesthetics of Experimental Electronic Music (Oxford uni press 2010) in a course I'm going to teach this spring at NTNU. The music examples used in the book are exhilerating, and I've compiled this Spotify-list of music examples from the book, based on the Discography, p. 191-193.

Naturally I was not able to find all of the music examples. Some extra tracks I found in Wimp - the Norwegian equvivalent of Spotify:

I hope these links can be of help for other readers of the book.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Le lieu unique.... a very nice place to both hang out and work in Nantes, France. Highly reccomended for anyone passing through Pays de la Loire.

The current exhibition in the Grand Atlier: wall art

I spend my days in this café trying to fulfil my writing obligations for the theory of science course I'm following

Detail from Le Lieu Unique exerior. The place used to be a biscuit factory.